Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Gives? And Assorted Ramblings....

Feb 18th POD - What is UP with these nails of mine? They have never been this strong or long...that I can remember, anyways.
For years (almost a decade), I have worn acrylic nails on and off (mostly on) because I was tired of having a less than perfect set of nails. There was always one or more that broke once they got a little length happening, which meant of course that they all had to be cut down to size. (See above: obsession with achieving nail "perfection" at all times.)
The other great thing about wearing acrylics is that the polish stays perfect until you want to take it off - no chipping!
Now, for some reason my nails are all long strong and perfect. This sent me to the Net to research what I could be ingesting that would result in this change. Looks like Biotin is the likely suspect, but where is it coming from in my diet?

I take the following supplements religiously - fish oil (because of my bad cardiovascular genetics), vitamin D (because my doc said so), evening primrose oil (because I read in Prevention that it could help with my thinning hair), and a daily multivitamin (just because). Could they be contributing? Because I really don't think I've changed my diet all that much over the past few months.
Oh, to keep them looking like this till the wedding day!

Speaking of, I have been thinking a bit about footwear, now that I have THE DRESS. I am thinking of wearing shoes with colour, specifically pink....because I love pink, and they would add a flash of whimsy with the dress.

I already own a beautiful pair of pink leather sandals, by Franco Sarto. I've only worn them a couple of times and the heel height is nice and low so they are more comfortable than sky-high stilettos.
Only problem is I can already imagine me sinking into the grass during outside photos, thanks to the little spike heels. (And Mizz J is urging me to buy new shoes to wear on my wedding day, so there's that to contend with as well. LOL!)

If I could find the perfect pair of pink peep toe wedges or flats, I think my problem would be solved. In the meantime, these sandals (Feb 19th POD) will be my backup plan.
What about pink running shoes? I can see me wearing a cute little pair, ala Cybill Shepherd, (in)famous for wearing sneakers under her gowns when she walked the red carpet in glamourous gowns. I've been racking up the steps on my step counter lately, and comfort in walking/standing is becoming of prime importance! Feb 20th POD - steps so far today....

Well, enough blogging - time to get walking. Need to hit at least 10,000 steps today!


  1. So good to catch up on your life pal!
    Nice nails.... wish you well in keeping them healthy and nice looking.

    I have started taking evening primrose oil again (took it years ago) to help with my own thinning hair issues. Egad! trying selenium as well.
    Bald is NOT a good look for women!

  2. I agree. Bald men still look great but bald women, not so much. Unless you are Sinead O'Connor, of course.

    Thanks pal!