Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Obsession

Bengal Spice Tea by Celestial Seasonings. Jan 31 POD.

This tea is spiced perfectly, and for some strange reason, tastes sweet although it contains nary a bit of sugar or any sugar-like chemical.


Which means of course, that at any moment, it will be discontinued. Lipton Raspberry Mandarin and Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Maple (not the decaf version), I am looking at you BOTH.


  1. I agree & have to say I also like Bengal Spice!!
    A lot of the herbal teas I like better with the addition of a bit of Stevia. (Though it does taste weird in coffee so I still use sugar in my Lebanese)

    I swear, most stuff I find to be amazing gets discontinued or they stop stocking it here.
    My fav eyeshadow (Physicians Formula-Canyan Classics) is no longer available in PEI!! Sheeesh.

  2. I miss Lipton Raspberry Mandarin. I found a box of it, covered in dust, way back on a shelf at the Chinese grocery. I bought it, and it is in my tea cabinet, making me vaguely sad. I don't want to open it, because there won't be any more. Yet it is getting older and older.