Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maybe I Can Just Grow My Own?

On Feb 1st I went out for a latte and chatte (hah, I just made that up!) with a good friend of mine. She looked at my hand, curled around the tall decaf-sugarfree-lowfat-no whip cinnamon dolce soy latte (Uh, yes, it was tiring to order. Why do you ask?) and asked me when I put a new set of acrylic nails on.

I was surprised that she thought my very own nails looked that good. And she was surprised they were indeed my very 0wn nails (Feb 2 POD). Hmmm. Maybe I will go au naturel (in the hand department anyway) for my wedding day. Makes room in the wedding budget for eyelash extensions...tee hee!

Which reminds me - I have actually booked something for this upcoming shindig! Drumroll please! It's my.......hair and makeup appointment! That's right. I may be wearing a paper bag and getting married goddess-knows-where, but I will have my face on and hair done. I met the very busy and popular Village Salon owner at a meeting in January, and asked her to do me up right on September 3rd. Whew. Cross that off my mental (OMG, did she actually acknowledge she does not even have stuff written down? With her memory???) list.

(I am attributing my newly strong and long nails to the Green Monsters I have been drinking, thanks to Feb 3rd POD - my stick blender. I do love this machine. All that spinach, protein powder and frozen fruits just has to do a body good.)
Back to the wedding planning: I have made an appointment to visit a bridal salon with Mizz J. That happens next week and I felt a funny and odd feeling when I got off the phone from talking to the consultant there. It took a while to realize that what I was feeling was FEAR.
It wasn't because of anything the woman said. She couldn't have been nicer and more reassuring (and I needed reassurance, people). I in fact asked her if they would possibly have anything to suit ME - someone who will be 51 when she walks down the aisle. "Of course" she laughed, "We have many options for the more sophisticated bride!"
"More sophisticated bride". Not ancient bride. Not ridiculous bride. Sophisticated. OK. I like it. Now I need to feel it.


  1. I'm certain that whatever it is you go with on your wedding day, you will look nothing short of SPECTACULAR and you usual Beautiful self!!!

  2. Thanks my friend. Jems and I are going to the bridal salon tomorrow and I am nervous already!