Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have entered a world of pain, and it hurts so good

Feb 17th POD - Personal Training with Jackie - Abs workout

In about 90 days I go for my first fitting of my wedding dress. If that isn't inspiration to work out and eat right, I don't know what is.

Yesterday my date with Jackie involved my (non-existent) abs. Well, I am thoroughly convinced of their existence now, let me tell you. Keepin' my eye on the prize as I struggle through the workout, telling myself it will be so rewarding when I can actually do the full set with good form!

Feb 18th POD - Same DVD, this time the Upper Body Workout.
Not quite the same struggle as with the abs.
Despite feeling the muscle soreness (Hello muscles! Ah yes, I remember you now...), it does feel really good to be working out again.
Why do I stop from time to time? And why do I have to keep relearning this lesson? I AM worth the time to do this, no matter how busy life gets.


  1. Amazing how easlily we can let the things that are most important slide.... eating healthy, exercise, HEALTH.... so much of what consumes out time isn't as important. I'm saying that coz I'm frequently guilty too!

    I'm wishing you all kinds of well with this!
    XO Fang