Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who Needs the Gym....

...When you have a house and yard to look after? See above for this year's mountain range of leaves, raked the curb for the annual pickup by the City. See also bags of cut up branches peeking out from behind the light pole. Just a few this round, adding to the total of about a dozen so far this fall....

However, I do not have leaves to rake and shrubberies (is that a word? Sounds vaguely Monty Python-ish somehow) to cut up every day. Which is too bad really, because I find yard work strangely soothing. Years ago, a good friend gave me a decorative plaque that reads "Find peace in the garden", and I do!

Now that the wedding is behind me, and we are not quite ready to move over to JD's place, I am thinking of taking one another project, specifically Project Me, and about time too! My goal is to be in ready shape, by Spring 2011, to start seriously training for another half-marathon. Which means it's time to get more active and lose me some poundage. Yeah, the poundage I was supposed to lose for the wedding....yep, those pounds are still hanging around and they found a couple of friends too since food, eating late, and being inactive have taken their inevitable toll on me.

I was eyeing up the gym next door to my work last week as I was percolating the whole Project Me thing, thinking I should rejoin. My husband (I still thrill to use that word!) suggested I start out more simply, by taking walks at lunch. A cheaper option, needs no special equipment, gets me into the fresh air, will clear my mind etc etc. All good things. So I will start there and see where it takes me.

My goal for this week is to get out for a noon hour walk at least 3 times this week. I'm strappin' on the pedometer once again and will aim for 10K steps on those days.

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