Sunday, October 3, 2010

Switched Gears

For the past coupla years, whenever I had some down time (or was ill, a favourite time to...ahem...sprout my couch potato inclinations), I inevitably gravitated towards one of those Life Channel or TLC Wedding shows. I just couldn't get enough of Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Wedding SOS, Bulging Brides or Say Yes to the Dress. I'd grab my knitting, or my dog, or both and settle in, eyes glued to the 13 inch screen of the only TV in the house.

I tried to do this a few days back and somehow it just wasn't the same. The shows that absolutely held me rapt in August now made me yawn and channel surf. The wedding has passed and with it, the TV wedding show mania.

Now I find my focus being directed towards home renovation/design shows and the Cooking Channel (Alton Brown, where have you been all my life?). I believe this is called "nesting" and quite understandable for a young bride to be interested in. But me? I've been creating my own nest for about 30 years now. It's not exactly new to me.

Yet, when I have a moment and sit down, I surf my way over to HGTV these days, or Food, or the design shows on W. be continued....


  1. Sounds like nesting revisited.
    The more experienced nesting.
    This is the good nest you're building pal... the others were just practice.