Monday, September 6, 2010

We interrupt this honeymoon to bring you the following....

Just a quick post with a few pics snapped by the hubby of my MOH while the official photographer was posing us and snapping her shots....
The wedding day itself was absolutely wonderful. Everything we wanted.
The weater surprised us by changing so dramatically. The day started out very gloomy - heavy rain and thunderstorms. But by the time of the ceremony it was sunny and dry, with a light breeze and no humidity - perfect wedding weather!!!

Our soloist surprised us by bringing along 2 friends, to play guitar and bass. The music (what I was able to hear of it) was incredible. He did such a beautiful rendition of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love" (my processional song), I burst into tears before I had to go down the aisle.
Our minister surprised us by forgetting the marriage license.....seriously, he did. When he called my cell from the chapel before the ceremony to ask me who had it (uh, YOU do) I was sure he was punking me, but NO. I think he was more shook up about it than I was. So we faked it at the chapel, and did the official signing later, in the hotel lobby.

The photographer surprised us by making us stand in a soybean field and against a split rail fence for some shots. (She was inspired by these locations on the drive out to the chapel.) But they really are going to be nice, if they are anything like the ones Adrien took.

More to come later. Now back to our previously scheduled honeymoon......

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