Monday, August 9, 2010

Out of Sorts

Feeling like life is getting away from me. Like I'm on this roaring freight train called Our Wedding, and hanging on for dear life, determined to get to the final destination but not enjoying the ride very much.

My discomfort is because we have too many loose ends at this point of time for me to feel good, to feel relaxed. I'm a GET IT DONE ASAP person, and JD is a TAKE IT EASY, THERE'S STILL TIME person.

I like to get to appointments early, so I can relax and take it easy and know I am not holding anyone up. I am where I am supposed to be at the right time.

He likes to roar in at the last minute, so he doesn't "waste" any time sitting around waiting for someone else to be at the right place at the right time.

Of course, this means we are sometimes late as JD doesn't always consider building in time for the unforeseen e.g. traffic. I have learned that being late will not kill me. Age me...but not kill me. JD is learning to heed my advice on adding extra time as being late doesn't age him, but sooner or later if this keeps up, I may have to kill him. Ahem. Kidding!

I like to decide fairly quickly and move on to the next project - I get tremendous satisfaction from crossing things off of a list. I can't relax until a decision has been made and the ball is in someone else's court, the paperwork is on someone else's desk.

He likes to wait until it absolutely has to be decided - he feels rushed and fenced in, by having to decide before he needs to. Some pertinent piece of information that will affect his decision could be revealed just before the deadline, doncha know? He can't relax if the decision is made "too soon".

There is no right or wrong "way" to do these things; there are just different approaches. Sometimes his approach works out to be the best one for a particular situation. Sometimes mine does...of course I firmly believe that more often than not mine is the better approach (for my sanity if nothing else). Hehehe....

I have decided I need to chill. Everything is going to come together and work out just fine, and if it doesn't, OH WELL. People will get over it. We will get over it. Now, if only the crazy anxiety dreams would stop.

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  1. I can relate to this.... our busy lives pull us in so many directions and 'down time' is skimpy at best. Add some major event to the mix (like a wedding) and you're stretched very very thin!

    I know you'll survive and the wedding will be fabulous. I do hope you get some YOU time after that.

    Also understand about the differing styles in regard to time. Personally, I'm a mix... I'll arrive right on time for work (not wanting to give them any more of my life than I have to)and be on time or early if it's friends, events or somethng that is really important to me.

    We're funny creatures - humans.
    Sending you love, patience & best wishes as you make your way to your very special day.....