Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's All Small Stuff

As the wedding day countdown is heading into single digit territory, things are getting a little busy, as you might suspect. And, I am ashamed to admit, I am feeling a bit panicky at times. Thinking I might forget something that could potentially "ruin" the day.

Thank goddess for the Knot email newsletter I received in my Inbox this week. This week's lead article was something to the effect of "10 Reception Disasters and How to Avoid Them".


DISASTERS?!?! This is something I really need to read, I thought! Well, read it I did, and it helped me out so much, and not the way the writer of the article intended.

Disaster 1: Little kids invited to the reception act up - run around the room and yell a lot.

(You gotta be kidding me - this is ranked as a DISASTER?)

Disaster 2: Your flowers start wilting.

(Unbelievable. My flowers are wilting... shoot me now.)

Disaster 3: The sun is too bright in the reception hall.


And so on.

I was expecting topics like: one of your guests drops dead on the dance floor; food poisoning sends your guests to the hospital; the hotel has a fire...etc. etc. Not the insignificant crap they called disasters in the article.

I can only recall one wedding in my past that could be called somewhat disastrous, and even though a terrible thing happened (the groom's hospitalized mom died during emergency surgery literally an hour before the ceremony), the hundred-mile-away wedding AND reception still took place and the couple are still married to this day.

So, life goes on and people deal with it. The Knot, please give your head a shake. (And thanks for inadvertantly putting things into perspective for me, OK?)

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