Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Planning Update and Random Assorted Ramblings...

Lookee what I found on eBay!Swarovski dragonfly hairpins!!!!!

Not sure how they will be my wedding 'do, but that will be for the marvelous Suzie at Essence Salon to figure out. I am pretty much takes all of my hair dressing skills just to scrape it offa my face and and anchor it with a clip. I think it's a matter of patience, of which for hair, I have none. Three hands would be a plus too.

Invitations were either mailed out or hand-delivered this week to all of our guests. Mizzus K did a fabulous job on them. What a wonderful gift these were!I do hope all of our guests can make it, though I am thinking some might not, for various good reasons. Some have even hinted that travelling to the wedding is not going to be a viable option, but I sent them invites anyways, to let them know we consider them to be our honoured guests regardless of whether they can actually make it or not.

New Topic

Random shots of daylilies from my sadly neglected but thriving somehow anyways front garden:

The first was a gift from my daughter, the second a gift from my son. I've split them once already, and am going to be taking some to our new home at JD's place. And the third? A "volunteer" who magically appeared one season in the front garden from somewhere, most likely from the ones in the backyard.

I leave you with this, to ponder:

I see this truck every once in a while, parked at the golf course that JD is working at this summer. Hard not to forget a pickup with a scrotum. I would love to know what kind of person feels the need to give his motor vehicle balls. Does he love his truck so much he wishes it would reproduce? (I am assuming it is a guy and perhaps that is sexist of me, but really...would a woman decorate a vehicle in this way?) Maybe I just don't get it. Thoughts?


  1. Love love love the dragonfly hairpins!!! Beautiful.... love Ebay for bargains and the hard to find.

    Thanks so much for the invite - and such a lovely & different invitation it is! Kudos to the creative genius who designed them. I hope you you KNOW if I could I would attend.
    I'll certainly be there in spirit.....
    Now to figure out what the bleep I can possibly get or do for you to honour your special day. *Sigh* Helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
    Hugs & XO to you pal,

  2. Dear Fang

    I figured you probably wouldn't be able to attend so no worries there! Having relatives in farflung corners of the earth, our family is used to sending out invites as a courtesy gesture, not expecting people to be able to come (though it would be great if they could!).

    Helpful hints - oh boy - everyone is asking and I don't know what to say. I never even thought of gifts as part of this whole wedding deal. We have everything we need to start a married life, dear, you don't have to do anything for us, but anything you would consider to gift us with would be honoured and appreciated.