Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Great Failed Eyelash Experiment

Eyelash Extensions, behold:

I investigated these as a possible wedding day alternative to other eye enhancements such as regular false eyelashes, mascara etc. I had heard you don't need mascara with these, in fact you CAN'T use mascara with extensions as makeup remover will also remove the extensions. Which I thought could be a definite bonus on a day you might end up crying off all your mascara anyway!

Application of the extensions was a lovely relaxing experience - lying with eyes closed in a quiet room, music softly playing , while the technician's cool fingers touch your eyelids as she painstakingly applies the lashes one by one.

I asked for the shortest length of extensions possible, called "Natural" by the technician. Which she mostly gave me. However she did put longer ones in the middle of each eyelid, she told me afterwards. People, these eyelashes were scary long, even the so-called "natural" length.

I tried to like them, I really did. Did they look real? Yes, except for the length. I have only ever met one person in my entire life who had eyelashes this long, naturally. And they looked freaky on her too. (Unfortunately she had very tiny eyes and it kinda looked like a spider was trying to crawl out each eye.)

I would have much preferred the lashes to be half as long and to have twice as many applied to each eye. To get away from the spiky look.

The other thing I didn't like about them was that I had to be sooooo careful or else I would lose them. Sleeping was uncomfortable as I was constantly waking up lest I roll over on my stomach and "crush" them against the pillow. Showering, towelling off, washing my face - also times for extreme caution lest they get rubbed off. I didn't even dare try putting on any eye makeup.

Despite all my care, I did lose quite a few lashes. Mostly from one eye, much to my chagrin. I was starting to look like that guy from Clockwork Orange when I decided to end the experiment and remove the rest of the lashes. Had them put on, on a Friday night - and ripped them all off by Monday morning. They were supposed to last for 3 weeks and I couldn't even manage them for 3 days.

I dunno. They seem quite popular, from what I've seen on the innernet. How do other people manage them? I found them to be a lotta work and worry, and I wasn't very successful at keeping them on.

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