Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yeah, but are these Princess feet?

I actually did find a pair of pink peep-toe wedges, exactly what I thought I was looking for. Only 1 problem (well, 2 really): they look really plastic-y. And they were insanely cheap - $19.99 on clearance, which believe it or not is a problem for me.
I don't think I should be wearing cheap shoes on my wedding day. Mizzus J, my matron-of-honour, reminds me though, that I have many opportunities to spend a wad of dough coming up in the near future. Tell me about it. It's already happening. Sigh.

Then I found these babies, above. JD took one look at them and proclaimed them "Princess shoes", whatever that means. In decoding man-speak, I think it means he likes them.

A couple more sunset shots, taken at the City golf course:

I really have to remember to bring my tripod, in order to avoid blurriness in these evening shots, like in this one:

OK, enough of the beauties of nature....back to the shoes!

Do you think the shoes will look better on me if I have a bit of colour happening? I shouldn't tan due to previous bout with skin cancer (basal cell), but what about self-tanner?
Must.... Avoid ...Sun. ARGH.


  1. Well, I like your princess shoes.... no matter the price. What's that saying about you can't out a price on happiness? If you & your Princess feet are happy in the pink shoes..... who cares about the $$

  2. Thank you Lafang! I still have my eye out for the "perfect shoe", if that even exists outside of my minds eye. But these will definitely do, if I don't ever find them.