Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Serenity NOW......please!

Bless me Mother, for I have's been over a month since my last pedicure, since I last intentionally exercised, since I've taken anything more than the most cursory care of myself.

I said I'd never go back to Crazytown (I say that every time) but I found myself there once again.

The refridgerator is almost empty and the cupboards are getting bare. The house is neglected. My dog is a scruffy shaggy mess. The yard is an embarrassment. I have no friends anymore and my family doesn't remember who I am.

JD and I have been busy with a capital B on a large accounting project with a deadline outside of work and it has taken its toll on us and our surroundings.

But now the worst is over and I am ready to rejoin the life currently in progress, which includes matrimony in about... !!!!EIGHT WEEKS!!!!!!
How did that happen?

Already, the anxiety dreams are happening. You know the ones....where you suddenly realize it's the day of your wedding and you're getting married in 20 minutes and you haven't picked up your dress from the store yet. In fact it hasn't even been altered yet. Then your eyes open and you realize it was just a dream and there's still time...

But not a whole lot of it!

And not a whole lot of time to post to the blog either, at least not till I get somewhat caught up at home. When life gives you an empty fridge, don't make lemonade - at least not until you clean the darn thing inside and out....which is what I plan to do tonight.

Chore List 4 2Night: The Negative Space approach - like the art exercise of drawing the negative space around an object instead of the object itself, only the housework version
(oh goddess, I'm punchdrunk from lack of sleep....)

1. Empty fridge (should take less than 3 minutes) and formulate shopping list from items that are NOT being removed from fridge.

2. Clean fridge.

3. Go shopping for the edible essentials of life.

4. Fill up sparkly clean fridge with purchases.

5. Feel less insane

Have a good night!

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