Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Serenity NOW......please!

Bless me Mother, for I have's been over a month since my last pedicure, since I last intentionally exercised, since I've taken anything more than the most cursory care of myself.

I said I'd never go back to Crazytown (I say that every time) but I found myself there once again.

The refridgerator is almost empty and the cupboards are getting bare. The house is neglected. My dog is a scruffy shaggy mess. The yard is an embarrassment. I have no friends anymore and my family doesn't remember who I am.

JD and I have been busy with a capital B on a large accounting project with a deadline outside of work and it has taken its toll on us and our surroundings.

But now the worst is over and I am ready to rejoin the life currently in progress, which includes matrimony in about... !!!!EIGHT WEEKS!!!!!!
How did that happen?

Already, the anxiety dreams are happening. You know the ones....where you suddenly realize it's the day of your wedding and you're getting married in 20 minutes and you haven't picked up your dress from the store yet. In fact it hasn't even been altered yet. Then your eyes open and you realize it was just a dream and there's still time...

But not a whole lot of it!

And not a whole lot of time to post to the blog either, at least not till I get somewhat caught up at home. When life gives you an empty fridge, don't make lemonade - at least not until you clean the darn thing inside and out....which is what I plan to do tonight.

Chore List 4 2Night: The Negative Space approach - like the art exercise of drawing the negative space around an object instead of the object itself, only the housework version
(oh goddess, I'm punchdrunk from lack of sleep....)

1. Empty fridge (should take less than 3 minutes) and formulate shopping list from items that are NOT being removed from fridge.

2. Clean fridge.

3. Go shopping for the edible essentials of life.

4. Fill up sparkly clean fridge with purchases.

5. Feel less insane

Have a good night!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yeah, but are these Princess feet?

I actually did find a pair of pink peep-toe wedges, exactly what I thought I was looking for. Only 1 problem (well, 2 really): they look really plastic-y. And they were insanely cheap - $19.99 on clearance, which believe it or not is a problem for me.
I don't think I should be wearing cheap shoes on my wedding day. Mizzus J, my matron-of-honour, reminds me though, that I have many opportunities to spend a wad of dough coming up in the near future. Tell me about it. It's already happening. Sigh.

Then I found these babies, above. JD took one look at them and proclaimed them "Princess shoes", whatever that means. In decoding man-speak, I think it means he likes them.

A couple more sunset shots, taken at the City golf course:

I really have to remember to bring my tripod, in order to avoid blurriness in these evening shots, like in this one:

OK, enough of the beauties of nature....back to the shoes!

Do you think the shoes will look better on me if I have a bit of colour happening? I shouldn't tan due to previous bout with skin cancer (basal cell), but what about self-tanner?
Must.... Avoid ...Sun. ARGH.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to the Spring/Summer of My Discontent

ALERT: posting contains wedding dress photos. Dear JD, please do not read any further!!!!!

Dear Long Suffering Blog,

Once again life has overwhelmed me and I have thrown my goals to the wayside in order to fire-fight, including posting to YOU, dear blog. I so hate living in Crazytown.

I have GOT to come up with a better way to deal than this. Hmph.

Update on goals and other schtuff:

Picture a day goal - mostly still doing this, despite everything. A lot of my daily pictures look like this:
Or this:
...As I attempt to capture the perfect sunset photo, while waiting for JD to finish up his shift at the City Golf Course he's at this summer (he's apprenticing to be a pro). There are worse places to hang out than at a golf course on a beautiful spring evening.
May Goal - 30 Day Shred
Well, for about a week there it looked like this goal would become the 30 Week Shred instead. However, I did end the month with 20 workouts to my credit. (That's about 15 more than I did in April and March combined - so, yay me!!!!)

My muscles are more THERE, that's for sure. My measurements haven't really changed yet, but everything is firmer. So, a great start. I am pleased despite not finishing in time.

June Goal? - should probably be a meditation session once per day as I desperately need to take time to breathe and remember I am a human being, not a human doing. However I also want to continue with the workouts. It's June 4th and I will have to decide soon. Stay tuned, dear Blog.

Wedding Update
My dress came in!
And it fits quite nicely! No Bulging Brides scenario for me, thank goddess. Just needs minor adjustments at the shoulder and hemline.

And I did something I swore I would never do:

Yes dear Blog, I not only tried on the veil, I loved it so much I bought the sucka. JD so wants me to wear a veil and I have been bucking him on this one....up until last night. When lovely Salesperson Sue said (despite knowing my supposed anti-veil stance), "Let's just try one on, for fun - shall we?" I should have known resistance was futile.

I am keeping the veil purchase as a surprise for JD, so don't tell him, OK?

So...not only am I a second-time bride with 2 grown kids wearing a full-on white gown with train, I am going to be wearing the traditional head gear as well. I expect to be struck down by lightning anytime now.

Or perhaps I will be run out of the chapel on a rail, like Homer Stokes in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?


Can a tiara purchase be far off?

Clearly, the answer is: NO. When it comes to this whole bride thing, I seem to be subscribing to the "Go Big, or Go Home" mentality these days!