Friday, May 7, 2010

May Challenge Update - 30 Day Shred

Seven days of shredding completed! I feel pretty good about sticking with it, and my progress in general. I am already using heavier weights (5 lb. instead of 3) for several of the exercises. Don't feel any thinner or particularly toned, yet. In fact, I feel bulkier - especially my biceps. I feel like I am getting these killer "guns" - not really a look I was going for. Well, we shall see how things progress.....

My real agenda for this challenge is to make regular exercise a part of my life again - make it a habit like brushing and flossing. The Shred takes about 25 minutes to perform (including warm-up and cool-down). Twenty five measly minutes per day. You'd think it would not be a struggle to fit this in, day-to-day. But I am telling you, IT IS. However, fit it in I do! The discipline is very good for me - something I need...workin' the ol' flabby discipline muscle. Ahem.