Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Challenge and Various Musings/Updates

I have decided that (amongst other things) April is SALAD A DAY month. I do love eating salads, but am not always organized enough (read: too darn lazy) to prepare them for my meals. Above, behold my ginormous Tupperware bowl (a popcorn bowl, courtesy of Blockbuster Video many, many years ago) which holds enough salad for JD and I for at least 3 days. I want to make it a habit to eat more veggies and SAD is a good habit to start.

So far so good with the SAD challenge....well, except for the day we dropped into Burger King with our coupon for Whopper combos (2 can dine for $8.99!) and they were OUT of salads. That day the salad was of the fried potato variety...sigh. (And it was actually kinda tasty....I am not a fan of french frys or usually even potatoes....but I did enjoy these as they were not too salty and I was HUNGRY.)

Here's my backup plan for this challenge - formerly known as a Green Monster, I now re-christen you: SALAD IN A GLASS:

This particular SIAG was comprised of about:

4 cups spinach, steamed to a little pile of concentrated leafy green goodness

1 cup skim milk

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 scoop Whey Gourmet protein powder (vanilla, of course!)

So delicious. So guilt-free. So all about cramming in that much fruit and veggies before noon!

Picture a Day Update

During my recent bout with the respiratory virus from hell, I was less diligent about hauling the camera out every day. Though I did take snaps on most days, I am now so far behind on posting them on this blog I am going to start over - tomorrow....yep, not even gonna try to get caught up. Forward, onward, never look back...rah rah...and all that (said with a plummy British accent). Because it's my blog and I can.

Menopause on Pause?

My little seconds-long (minute-pause?) tropical moments, which have been on hiatus for several months, seem to have returned over the past week. Is it possible for this to happen? Menopause to go in and out of remittance? Or is something else going on? I guess there is nothing to do but wait and see what my body decides to do next.

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