Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Update... a week and a half late

(Due to technical difficulties (blogger's malfunctioning respiratory and immune systems), this post has been unavoidably delayed, till now.)

Mar 15 POD - dollar store trip results in Golden Buddha head on a stick - for $2! Love me my Dollarama.

A fabulous week, weather-wise in my part of the world. We are experiencing that extremely rare animal - the Early Spring!

You may or may not notice that there were no pictures of the day for last weekend - Mar 13 and Mar 14. This is due mainly to the photographer being extremely ticked by last weekend's weather, which was cold, windy, snowy, blowy, rainy, dreary and all around depression-inducing.
So nice to have that followed up by an unseasonably warm and sunny week!

However, the weather gods have appeared to have smited me for not appreciating last weekend's display of their power as I have come down with the first bad cold I've had least 2 years.

Mar 17 POD - St. Patrick's Day Green Milk (made by washing out my Green Monster blender container with moo)

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