Monday, March 15, 2010

Urge to Purge

(Mar 18th PODs - too much stuff!)

One of the best things to come out of the awful year of ending my marriage and starting a new, single life was the freedom I felt at the new lack of "stuff" in my possession. I had almost no furniture, no knick knacks, almost no kitchen was scary and glorious at the same time.

I remember having to flip pancakes for the kids with a paint scraper (dug out of my new tool box) in those early days of starting over.

Our living room consisted of 2 folding lawn chairs, and we watched our 13" TV on an old futon. We had a bed and a dresser and a desk each. For the first month, we didn't even have a microwave, till my mom bought us one. I knew exactly what I had and exactly where everything was.
Now, 10 years later, I have TOO MUCH STUFF in a TOO SMALL HOUSE and I long for the psychic space that lack of ownership affords. Less is truly more.

I have been wanting to get rid of stuff for a long time now, and have made half-hearted attempts. It isn't easy....JD and I are planning to consolidate to one place (his) at around this time next year, so a smart woman would be going through her stuff sooner rather than later.
I want to be that smart woman, I really do! So, to that end, I will begin this weekend. I am taking part in Caitlin's Three Bags Full challenge.

And here is the beginning: my dressers and pitiful excuse for a clothes closet (see above), set in the eaves of my storey and a half little house, and expanded into my bedroom with JD's gift of a clothing rack. Thanks, I think? (Way to be an enabler there, hubby-to-be!)
I'm not sure how I collected so many clothes. I seem to wear only the same few things over and over and over. A fashionista I am not.
I think my challenge will be to have ONLY three bags full!

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  1. I applaud your goal my friend! Despite my giving at least a full garbage bag a month of things I'm not using to charity, I still have too much. How does it happen?
    Imagine if we were wealthy.... does it get worse with the amount of money you have?

    So... I have another bag started.

    Been enjoying reading your postings! I get 'copies' sent to my Inbox, so have been neglecting commenting, but have been reading!