Friday, March 5, 2010

Adventures in D-Land

First up, what you are looking at is the remains of a batch of Choco-cado pudding (Mar 2 POD). JD and I love this stuff - but it is extremely filling because of its richness. I add even more cocoa powder (3 tbsp) for more chocolatey goodness! A lighter but still awesome modification I made was Choco-nana pudding, where I substitute 2 ripe bananas for the medium avocado. Just as tasty, not as filling. Cut back on agave nectar somewhat when you use bananas, unless you like things really sweet.

March 3 POD - still on a high from the Olympics and the closing ceremony, I decided I HAD to have Michael Buble's latest. I have some of his other albums, or at least I thought I did (Mizz J, I am looking at you, you Michael Buble lovin' CD snitcher!). While I was browsing the CD racks I also decided I had to have the above dance compilation CD. Both CD's could have a place at our wedding. The first, definitely for ambiant music...the second in case people actually do want to dance. Although the 3rd track....Hotel Room Service by Pitbull....I dunno....

Here is a sampling of the cleaner lyrics: "two, two, two, I gonna undress you; three, three, three, you gonna undress me; four, four, four, we gonna freak some more." Mr. P-Bull also discusses a whole lotta other stuff in his song, most of which I don't understand and sounds kinda innocent but I am sure it is some kinda slang for raunchy stuff, given the general...ahem....theme. I don't see our guests particularly enjoying this number. Just saying.

March 4 POD - JD and I went with my matron of honour and her hubbie to see David Francey in concert. A real troubadour and a great story-teller. A lovely evening with this particular singer-songwriter and Craig Werth and Jeff Sommers, who accompanied him on various instruments.

March 5 POD - I had to take a pic of this plant. Mistah K (my son) gifted me with this lovely for my birthday and I have to say it is doing fantastic in my office. It really likes it there (along with my orchids, only one of which is really thriving). The plant has easily doubled in size since July and the number of "blooms" (I don't think anthuriums really have flowers, but whatever you call them, they're beautiful)....well, it just keeps shooting out more and more.
That's all I have time for, for now. More news later...dress drama, reconnecting with my Dutch cousin, and whatever else I get up to this weekend. Have a great one!

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