Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twenty Ten Resolutions

After a completely crazy December at work and a food free-for-all at Christmas, I am more than ready to get back to some semblance of routine and healthy living. This will be my year - I can feel it like I haven't before.

I've made some simple resolutions (simpler = easier to remember and focus on, in my books) and so far, so very good.

They are:

Everyday I will:

- move my body in concentrated exercise (minimum time = 10 minutes)
- clean/organize something (minimum time = 15 minutes)
- take at least one photo of something that interests me that day. I will be posting these to the blog (probably not daily, but as close as I can get to that).
So far, so good.

Jan 1 photo, see above. New year, same old dog - desperately in need of a good grooming, I may add. Jan 1 cleaning/organizing task: creating an enclosure for Mizz L outside, so she doesn't wander onto the street anymore. JD's idea, and a great one. A little chicken wire, some voila...the terror of T Street is now confined to our side yard. Thankfully she is not a jumper nor terribly least not yet. Jan 1st workout: brisk walk back and forth to our rental property and shoveling the sidewalks and 2 parking lots there.

It's the third day of 2010 and I am following these resolutions and am looking forward to getting fitter and getting more organized. Last night my fifteen minutes of cleaning/organizing turned into an hour as I went through a large shoebox (from a pair of boots actually) full of hotel toiletries and sorted them into Ziploc bags for easy grab n' go to fill up my gym bag or travel bag.
I went from this (Jan 2 photos):
To this:

To this:

Then I emptied out a junk drawer in my bedroom so I could store my nicely sorted travel goodies. I love traveling and going to the gym, so making a defined space for all those essentials is like making room in my life for more fun traveling and gym time. Getting organized/making room in my house is symbolic and hopefully synergistic with making room in my life for the things I want to do. Relieving me of physical and psychic clutter, I believe. Day 2 exercise: walking, walking, walking.

Today I am going to make myself a Green Monster smoothie and take a pic of that. I first heard of green monsters when I visited this website: Oh She Glows - the blog of an organic vegan baker I found through Spark People (see below for link). Her photos of the food she makes are so yummy looking I am seriously considering trying to incorporate more vegetarian or even vegan days into my diet.

My exercise today was Day 1 of the Spark People Bootcamp I signed up for. Daily 10 minute workout videos emailed to me for every day this month. Plus I am supposed to do 5 cardio sessions on my own. That should jump-start me!

Today, for organizing, I am planning on tidying up the Christmas wrap etc., which is still scattered about the upstairs.

Things I am grateful for today: A warm house!!! Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings. JD, for persevering through my stubbornness and baggage and wanting to marry me anyway.

Oh. My. Goddess. The Wedding! This month we must actually start booking will be September 3rd before we know it. Monday morning I will call the wedding coordinator at the village hotel and get things moving in the right direction. Dress shopping is also on my agenda for this month. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, awesome job on the toiletries!

    I'm also really impressed that you're starting a Project 365 (a photo a day)! I've never even been able to do the Project 52 (a photo a week). Usually I just forget. *sigh* I'm trying to take a photo a day for January, though. We'll see how long that lasts ^_~

    Good luck for dress shopping!!

  2. Additional comment:
    I have some friend that have been taking a photo a day for about 4 years now. It's actually really awesome to see how not only their photography has progressed, but how they're getting better and better about finding something interesting in every single day. I'd like to work on that.

  3. I could never remember to take a photo a week! I'm hoping I can keep up the photo a day thing. Not sure if my photography will get any better as I only have a point 'n shoot, although it's a pretty sophisticated one.

    I think it will be interesting to look back and see what I found picture-worthy each day for a year. Kind of a memory jog as to at least one thing I was doing on each day of 2010.