Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is This the Face of a Killer?

Yes, actually it is. Today Mizz L brought down her first kill - a little vole she dug up from under the snow in the forest we walk through. Mercifully it was quick (one big shake and she must have snapped something - the neck? the spine?) and she didn't know what to do with it afterwards. At almost 10 years old, who says old dogs can't learn new tricks??? I felt pretty bad but "Killah" showed no remorse, just boredom because the little thing wouldn't squeak anymore. Note to self: get the pooch a squeaky toy already!

Jan 3rd photo:
This is my first "green monster" drink, ala OhSheGlows. Made it with 2 handfuls of spinach, steamed; 1 banana; 1 scoop vanilla protein powder; 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze; 1 handful strawberries. Not bad. Felt pretty darn virtuous drinking it, I'll tell you that.

January 4th photo:

On the 4th I went to Whole Foods in the afternoon to see, once again, what all the buzz is about. Bought a vegan blueberry muffin, to see what a baked good without eggs or milk would taste like. Kinda heavy and too sweet, but otherwise not bad.

Bought some interesting things that I had read about and wanted to try: chia seeds, sweet almond oil, coconut oil...ended up spending over $70 on two little bags of groceries. Yikes. Beautiful store but all that beauty and goodness comes at a price.

Longo's is still my favourite store even though the closest one to me is about 35 minutes away.

January 5th photo
Last night I went to see "New Moon" with Mizz J, my dear daughter, and brought home this magazine, to enjoy with my new favourite EASY, HEALTHY dessert - chia seed pudding.
Recipe was on the back of the package. Here it is: pour 1/2 cup of flavoured milk into serving dish. (I used sweetened vanilla Almond Breeze.) Add 1.5 tablespoons chia seeds and mix. Let sit for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Warning: for tapioca and rice pudding lovers only. If you don't like the texture of those puddings, you won't like this one either.
By now you might be asking yourself: What is with all the "weird" health foods? Yeah, I am asking myself the same question, only it comes out like: who ARE you, anymore?
Basically it comes down to this: I have been experiencing some changes in the way I feel of late and am trying new things in the hope that I will go back to how I used to feel.
I used to blame it on peri-menopause (the fatigue, the brain fog, the loss of memory, the weight struggle) but after seeing my doc yesterday for this very thing, it turns out it may be hypothyroidism. Wha???? My TSH levels are on the rise, apparently. Hmmm....this explains a lot. We'll be monitoring them over the next 6 months to see if the trend continues and then....? Medication I suppose.
Meanwhile, I will continue on with trying to adjust my diet and exercise to improve my health (and look better in the wedding dress I still have to buy!).


  1. Dax has killed a couple mice, but she doesn't know what to do with them after they are dead either. Same with toys. She likes to *pounce*, but once she's caught it, the toy just sits there so then she's no longer interested.

    Could the "not bad" review of the Green Monster be upgraded with some experimentation in ingredients? Also, what's a vanilla almond breeze?

  2. Almond Breeze is a non-dairy (HORRORS!) milk, made from almonds. Very yummy. Comes in chocolate too. JD wants to eat less dairy 'cos he read an article that linked it to prostrate cancer (I was going to write "in men" but that is pretty obvious, no?). And between milk, cheese and yogurt, he consumes a lotta dairy. So much so that we may get a decrease in samples if he quits it altogether as the national dairy herd may have to shrink (just kidding...sorta).

    Oh yes, experimentation is definitely in order with green monsters!

  3. I use Almond mlik a lot Pal, & Coconut milk is also pretty awesome! Coconut oil has been my butter replacement for a few years. (South Pacific brand is terrific).

    Been using hemp & Chia seeds for a couple years also and find they are great. I just throw them on my breakfast blueberries, with some raw almonds & walnuts, some stevia & a dollop of coconut milk! YUM!!!!

    Do you eat much soy-based products? I can't go near that (umm I want to say crap) stuff because it plays havoc with me & makes my thyroid go gaga. Instant weight gain, sluggishness, brain fog etc is the result. Most soy is so overprocessed it's actually toxic, but the food industry doesn't really admit that because it's so versatile & bulks up everything it's put in.

    I wish you luck in your search for better health. I right there with you!
    Love the pics and all...
    XOXOX Fang

  4. Hey Fang
    Thanks for the comment! Nope, I don't use any soy products really. And now I think I will try to consciously stay away from them!