Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return of the Prodigal Blogger

OK. So here I am, finally back on the blog.

Dear Blog,

I thought of you daily. Well, not daily, but at least every other day. Usually with a twinge of guilt.
Well, not a twinge, but actually a big whallop of guilt. This is sad.

To feel guilt about neglecting my own creation. After all, who do I report to on this? Ummm....Me. And as Me, I should cut Myself some slack for getting busy and stressed with work and other life committments. It happens.

However, as Me, I would like to remind Myself that when I get busy, I tend to forget my personal goals. They are the first to drop by the wayside. All. The. Time. Me says this is no way to treat Myself. Myself agrees.

Me would also like to add that writing on the blog is very good for Myself. Myself concurs. Me adds that Myself needs her writing practice much more than Myself knows. This is good for emotional and creative health, as well as for reinforcement and focus on Myself's goals.

So dear Blog, all 3 of us would like to apologize deeply for being away for so long. We are going to do better from now on.


Me, Myself and I


  1. I used to feel guilty about not blogging regularly, but I found out that actually made it harder for me to blog. I'd feel bad about not blogging, so rather than hopping over to my blog and writing something I'd want to avoid it instead... which just lead to even less blogging and more guilt! Blegh, nuts to that! I actually find I blog a lot more when I don't worry about it.

    I tend to be much more prolific over in my personal blog, anyway.

    Speaking of blogging, you'll have to show me that other blog you set up (for a business group or something?) sometime!

  2. The "other blog" gets more of my time these days...sigh. It can be found at

    It's easy to add to, as people send me stuff to post to it! No brain required.

    Thanks for the comment and the wise words!

  3. Guilt is such a 'wonderful' thing. Sticks to you like burdock and discards about as easily.... seems like little bits always cling to you. And nothing like guilt to destroy the creative muse I think.

    Easier said than done of course....