Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Week That Was

Never to be duplicated, I sincerely hope.
Started off with an infected tooth. Emergency visit to dentist. On antibiotics and painkillers, with a root canal scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

Then came my endoscopy procedure on Friday. Sedated completely with a camera and snipper thingy shoved down my throat. Remember the doc advising me to try not to belch. Came to during the procedure because I was belching loudly and incessantly and couldn't help myself. (Found out later that during this procedure they blow your tummy up with air so they can see stuff better - hell, no wonder I was belching like a 12 year old boy!!!) So sorry Doc, hope you got what you went in there for, despite my reptile brain trying to belch your equipment back out at you. Guess I'll find out in a week or so, when I see you again.

Then Friday night, recovering at home and finally able to stay awake for more than 20 minutes at a time (my goddess, what did they shoot me up with at the hospital???), I decide to start opening up my mail. Saw 5 weird transactions on my MasterCard bill. Just great. Someone has gotten my number somehow and is ripping me off. Bought themselves a cell phone from Fido, spent over $500 bucks at a salon (on what? It costs me $20 to get my hair cut), ate out several times at some Chinese general, had themselves a good time committing fraud in my name.

The people at the credit card company were great though. They immediately shut down my card and are sending me a new one so hopefully that is the end of that.

The icing on the cake of The Week That Was is that I think I am finally experiencing some of those hot flashy thingies. Nothing too too dramatic. Just waves of heat coming over my body. If it doesn't get any worse than this, I can deal.


  1. Ack! That was quite the week pal.... egad.
    A pox upon those blighters who got your credit card numbers. Sheeesh. What become of your resluts - of the endo-scope?

  2. Nothing found during the endoscopy. Doc snipped off a bunch of my stomach polyps. All were benign. Doc told me to not eat: late; spicy foods; chocolate; citrus; big meals. Which is pretty much everything I've been doing lately. Take my meds (Nexium) and see him if it stops working for me. OK then!