Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is the first day of the next year of my life...

...which is, of course true for every day. However today IS special. This day next year I will be getting married (for the second time) to the mate of my heart and soul (for the first time). We've been a couple for seven years now (engaged for one), and he still makes me sigh...and not always with exasperation either.

My future sister-in-law emailed me today to ask my permission if she could host a shower for me next spring or summer. What?! Oh my goddess, that's right - I am a bride-to-be. At first I thought: Wow, that's nice! She remembered it is 1 year to the wedding today! Then I thought: Oh, wait. A wedding shower - for someone this old and on her second round? I don't feels weird. Do people do that?

And then I remembered my mom having a wedding shower thrown for her when she married again after my dad passed away, when SHE WAS 63 YEARS OLD. Hey, I guess people DO do that sort of thing - I guess I can too. And SIL-to-be loves throwing a "do" and she's very good at it too, so I am kinda looking forward to this.

There's a lot I want to get done this next year. Some of it I should be doing anyway - and getting married is a lovely impetus, is it not? I am thinking, naturally, of losing weight and getting in shape. Been talkin' about losing 30-40 pounds now for about 4-5 years and been giving it a half-hearted effort, with the subsequent half-hearted results. I lose 5-10 pounds, then life gets in the way (don't it always?) and I lose focus and back they come on again.

I have very valid health reasons to do so, not just to look good in that special dress (which I haven't picked out yet). Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke have already affected my younger sisters. I seem to have won the genetic lottery (in my family) so far, but my doc and cardiologist are in wait-n-see mode. So, I believe it's in me, and I also believe I can avoid or delay it coming out by lifestyle modifications.

Other goals:

Belly Dance - I want to become a better belly dancer this year. This means I am taking the route to Carnegie Hall....practice, practice, practice. In fact today I was practicing my 3/4 shimmy at work while waiting for a timer to go off during a DNA extraction procedure. Thankfully no one entered the lab at the time and thus I avoided hideously embarrassing myself.

Running - I had a goal of running a full-marathon during my 50th year however, since I haven't lost the weight yet, that goal is looking not so good. I have run a couple of half-marathons, disgustingly slow due to injury or inadequate training (see Life Gets in the Way, Lack of Focus, above) and vowed not to do the full unless in much better/lighter shape. So I think I need to re-evaluate my running goals for this year. More on that later.

De-Clutter - Part of the upcoming co-mingling involves moving from my abode to his. Also renovations and such, but that may be part of The Next Year of My Life: the Post-Wedding Year. I've been in this place now for 9 years and that, my friends, means I have accumulated a pile of unnecessary crap. So I plan a room-by-room, show-no-mercy assault on the house. Should be a heck of a garage sale this spring if all goes according to plan.

I think I'll stop here. I have a tendency to over-reach, become too scattered, too diluted, take on too many projects etc. End result: Lack of focus, thus no goals met. I am by nature a "dabbler", not a "digger" (thanks Dr. Eydt - I still remember you telling me this and it's still true today), which means I am not programmed to pursue something single-mindedly for any huge length of time. I also remember my esteemed prof telling me not to despair, for "though the diggers get the Nobel Prizes, the dabblers have all the fun".

So - this is one dabbler who is determined to have a fun year leading up to her nuptials, AND meet her goals at the same time.

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