Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last week I saw a show on Slice that has piqued my interest:

It's a reality show, transformation-style. Get together a bunch of women who have recently had their hearts broken savagely and stick them in a resort for 6 weeks with a bunch of experts to give them their mojo back. At the end of it all, they put on a burlesque show with their newly made-over fine selves, in front of their families and friends....and their exes!?!

I get the whole revenge aspect. Who hasn't wanted to meet with someone who dissed them, or overlooked them, or crushed them, on a day when all the planets align and you LOOK, FEEL, ARE spectacular, at the top of your game? Wearing your most kick-a** shoes, a killer outfit, hair and makeup perfect (for once). It's a wonderful little fantasy.

The Ex aspect though, not sure how I feel about that part of the show yet.

I am torn between the part of me that says: Yeah, show him what a doofus he was for dumping you! Sour grapes buddy - you can't have her now! Look at what you're missing, what you couldn't see, that was there all along: a vibrant, sexy, confident woman!!!!

And the part of me that says: whoa....doesn't this lock these women in with their exes for another 6 weeks at least, instead of them moving forward with their lives??? And I really hope the motivation for these ladies is to look and feel great for their own sakes....not just completion of the "looking this hot is the best revenge I can inflict on you" scenario.

The burlesque expert on the show intrigues me as well. Being a belly dance fan, I am also finding myself becoming a fan of burlesque costumes and dance (although I admit I know almost nothing about the art. It's not stripping or pole dancing - that much I know). She dresses like a 40's pinup (very cool!) and made a comment on the show that has stuck with me all week:

"Sexy is not comfortable"...meaning you have to work consciously at it all the time when performing! Something I think about when practicing belly dance. Reminding me to engage all of my muscles to execute the moves properly.

I am hooked. And I am going to keep on watching.

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