Monday, September 14, 2009

In the Embryonic Stages of Menu Planning

OK, so I am tired of coming home in the evening, staring at the cupboards and the fridge and going "Now what?"

Menu planning is obviously the answer.

I love to cook. Like most things I love to do, I seldom allow myself the time to do it. (Gardening, running, painting, and knitting are just a few of the things that come immediately to mind here). But I am trying to change all that. And trying to eat healthier too, so menu planning is just the ticket.

In planning to plan (how's that for dragging it out?), I am trying to come up with themes for each night of the week, to inspire and guide me in what recipes I want to make/try for the first time.

So far, this is what I've got:

Meatless Mondays
? Tuesdays
? Wednesdays
? Thursdays
Fishy Fridays
Souper Saturdays
Slow-Cooker Sundays

The middle of the week has got me baffled so far.
'Talian Tuesdays?
One-pot Wednesdays? (Hey, I kinda like this one.)
Thai Thursdays?

I'll keep thinking.

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