Saturday, September 19, 2009

I think I found my Cake and Flowers...and maybe my Dress (style at least)

I saw the cover of this magazine in the grocery store and had to plunk down the 13 buckaroos for it. That is how strongly the picture of the cake affected me.

Although not enough not to alter it somewhat in my mind already, apparently - I see it draped with hydrangeas, not peonies.

Then today, I saw this book at Chapters. However, I did not buy it as I did with the magazine, having learned that I can probably find the cover photo online, which I did. This I love as a bouquet - well maybe not in its entirety, but I love the colour scheme and the droopy bits and the size of it. So picture this with hydrangeas sprinkled throughout somehow.
And last night on Say Yes to the Dress, I saw a dress that really intrigued me. Very simple, with straps and a bit of a train. No lace. It came blingless but the consultant wrapped a thin blingy belt around the empire waist and that sold me. This photo might be it, although it wasn't in satin on the show, more like crepe or something else non-shiny. Now to find something similar around here, that I could afford, as Kleinfeld's is too rich for this old broad's blood.


  1. I really like that dress style. Have you been out shopping yet?

  2. Nope. Probably not till the new year. Which is not leaving a lot of time but I should still be able to find something as I may not go traditional bridal.