Saturday, September 12, 2009

I survived the 4 Day Jumpstart, barely

I managed to get thru the 4 day anti-bloat jumpstart and I'd better not EVER do that again!

Wow - was it tough! I can't believe I used to eat a 1200 cal/day diet when on Weight Watchers many years ago. No wonder it messed me up and made me totally preoccupied with food. 1200 cal is not enough to get a person thru the day without hunger, headache, light-headedness. I felt weak most of the time too.

This experience made me think about all those people on the planet who just don't get enough to eat on a daily basis, involuntarily. I promise to never let an opportunity to donate to the local food bank slip by me.

Anywho..... Day 3 was tough and Day 4 was super tough. It didn't help that we were having a major crisis at work and I ended up putting in a 13 hour day on Day 4 (yesterday). I didn't have any food left to eat and my staff person needed supper too so she suggested pizza. I ordered that sucker in and had 3 small pieces and thus regained some kind of sanity and stamina.

This probably affected my stats somewhat at the end of the jumpstart, but here they are and I am pleased nonetheless:

Weight - lost 1.4 lbs.
Waist - down 1"
Lower Abdomen - down 2"

Interesting how I lost so many inches in just 4 days, in my belly region. I can see it too. Yay! I didn't take any other measurements though. Perhaps I should have?

Not bad for 4 days work, but not worth doing again, ever. It was an interesting experiment and I am glad I tried it. I learned I DO have the discipline required to alter my diet in order to lose weight. Today I am on the full Flat Belly Diet and loving it so far.

My plan is to start wedding dress shopping in the New Year with a New Bod. Oh yeah.

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