Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Bride's Book of Lists

A dear friend gifted me with this lovely book, by Amy Nebens.

Last night I took a really good look at it and have pronounced it fabulous and my new bible. As per the title, it is FULL of lists. And those lists will guide me (I want to write us, but I know who is going to be doing the bulk of this. JD's schedule is so hectic I'll be happy if he shows up to the nuptials on time!) as to what we (pretty much me, see above) want this wedding to be. As I read through the lists I am coming across things I hadn't yet considered and want/need music, vows, receiving line!

In addition to checklists (and tons of ideas and advice (e.g. Bridal salons require appointments. Who knew?), the book has pockets for clippings and a plastic page to insert business cards into. And a handy elastic ribbon to hold the whole thing shut once it becomes crammed with the above. Neat!

Mizz Nebens used to work for Martha Stewart Weddings. Is this a magazine or a book? Sigh. I have so much to learn about getting married!

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