Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's All Small Stuff

As the wedding day countdown is heading into single digit territory, things are getting a little busy, as you might suspect. And, I am ashamed to admit, I am feeling a bit panicky at times. Thinking I might forget something that could potentially "ruin" the day.

Thank goddess for the Knot email newsletter I received in my Inbox this week. This week's lead article was something to the effect of "10 Reception Disasters and How to Avoid Them".


DISASTERS?!?! This is something I really need to read, I thought! Well, read it I did, and it helped me out so much, and not the way the writer of the article intended.

Disaster 1: Little kids invited to the reception act up - run around the room and yell a lot.

(You gotta be kidding me - this is ranked as a DISASTER?)

Disaster 2: Your flowers start wilting.

(Unbelievable. My flowers are wilting... shoot me now.)

Disaster 3: The sun is too bright in the reception hall.


And so on.

I was expecting topics like: one of your guests drops dead on the dance floor; food poisoning sends your guests to the hospital; the hotel has a fire...etc. etc. Not the insignificant crap they called disasters in the article.

I can only recall one wedding in my past that could be called somewhat disastrous, and even though a terrible thing happened (the groom's hospitalized mom died during emergency surgery literally an hour before the ceremony), the hundred-mile-away wedding AND reception still took place and the couple are still married to this day.

So, life goes on and people deal with it. The Knot, please give your head a shake. (And thanks for inadvertantly putting things into perspective for me, OK?)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Out of Sorts

Feeling like life is getting away from me. Like I'm on this roaring freight train called Our Wedding, and hanging on for dear life, determined to get to the final destination but not enjoying the ride very much.

My discomfort is because we have too many loose ends at this point of time for me to feel good, to feel relaxed. I'm a GET IT DONE ASAP person, and JD is a TAKE IT EASY, THERE'S STILL TIME person.

I like to get to appointments early, so I can relax and take it easy and know I am not holding anyone up. I am where I am supposed to be at the right time.

He likes to roar in at the last minute, so he doesn't "waste" any time sitting around waiting for someone else to be at the right place at the right time.

Of course, this means we are sometimes late as JD doesn't always consider building in time for the unforeseen e.g. traffic. I have learned that being late will not kill me. Age me...but not kill me. JD is learning to heed my advice on adding extra time as being late doesn't age him, but sooner or later if this keeps up, I may have to kill him. Ahem. Kidding!

I like to decide fairly quickly and move on to the next project - I get tremendous satisfaction from crossing things off of a list. I can't relax until a decision has been made and the ball is in someone else's court, the paperwork is on someone else's desk.

He likes to wait until it absolutely has to be decided - he feels rushed and fenced in, by having to decide before he needs to. Some pertinent piece of information that will affect his decision could be revealed just before the deadline, doncha know? He can't relax if the decision is made "too soon".

There is no right or wrong "way" to do these things; there are just different approaches. Sometimes his approach works out to be the best one for a particular situation. Sometimes mine does...of course I firmly believe that more often than not mine is the better approach (for my sanity if nothing else). Hehehe....

I have decided I need to chill. Everything is going to come together and work out just fine, and if it doesn't, OH WELL. People will get over it. We will get over it. Now, if only the crazy anxiety dreams would stop.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've heard of Baby Brain, but Bridal Brain too????

Oh my...things are getting busy at Chez Impending Nuptials, with less than a month to go.

JD and I just returned from a 10 day trip down to Texas, to pick up a used scientific instrument for my work. We also made a bit of a scenic roadtrip out of it - using the opportunity to visit/drive through Indianapolis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Galveston, Houston, Dallas, a bit of Oklahoma, Hot Springs and Little Rock - travelling throughout the hiways and scenic byways of the American South and MidWest. Saw bayous and mountains (Ozarks), the Gulf of Mexico, rivers and plains....and many many interesting vistas and people. More about that, and pictures, later on.

I'm glad we did it, though it was a LOTTA driving and felt mostly like one of those "see 10 countries in 7 days" type of tours (except we did all the work).

I'm very upset (since last night) at my brain. I am even more forgetful than usual these days, which means things are getting quite bad. I attribute this and my mental fogginess to "Bridal Brain". Not sure if anyone has come up with this term before, but let me tell you brothers and sisters, it is REAL, as real as Baby Brain.

Here's what happened. Way back...just before our trip, I made a trip to our jewellery store to finalize my wedding ring purchase (JD's was bought last year but we were hemming and hawing on what mine should look like), and I managed to do this without JD in tow, so a perfect opportunity (so I thought) to pick him up a little wedding day surprise from me to him. Said Surprise was tucked into the car in a big ol' Rubbermaid container we keep in the back of Edward the Sparkly Prius to house groceries and other items we want to hide from view. My plan was to drive to work and then remove Said Surprise to my office, to hand off to the Best Man at some future convenient juncture, to give to JD on the Day Of.

But of course, you must know what happened, right? Bridal Brain kicked in and I forgot about it. In my defence, I didn't have an opportunity to sneak it into my office before our big trip and then, well, the trip happened (Edward stayed home 'cos work rented a van for us) and we came back and had to resume our normal (??) lives again, in full-on overdrive and catch-up mode.

Then last night, we were packing Edward with groceries at the store and JD lifts the lid off of the container and says "There's a Birks bag in here?!?". He took one look at my stricken face and says "I didn't see anything", and promptly moves back to the task at hand. Gotta love the man for that, amongst other things! But I was quite crushed, at yet further evidence of my declining mental abilities. Sigh. I guess as long as I still recognize JD at the altar, it can't be that bad....yet.

The Said Surprise is now firmly ensconced in my office and I'm saying a little prayer to please help me remember to pass it on to Michael before September 3rd.