Friday, March 12, 2010

Another week closer to....Spring and Everything

See...the plants in my office know Spring is coming. March 8th POD - Orchid sending up 2 spikes for another spring/summer of blooms like last year. Hoo-dogie!

March 9th POD

And the quest for organization continues! Above is a pic of my thing behind my desk....whatever it's called. It's cleaned up now. I really should have taken a before pic for full effect but sigh....I wuz too ashamed. Nah, I just didn't think of it. (But I really should have been too ashamed.)
Now this is either March 10th or 11th. Can't really remember. Let's just say it's March 11th because I know I skipped a day somewhere and I think March 10th was overcast. I got up exter early (who talks like this? Someone I know but can't for the life of me think of who) and headed out-of-doors with Mizz Lucy for an exter long walk. And I brought my camera for a change. Thus was able to capture the sun rising over the forested hills at....wait for it...6:45 a.m.!!!!!

Yes, gentle readers, the sun is actually up that early now! Isn't it grand? I'm loving it. And am going to be getting up earlier as a result, with the aim of getting more walking in before heading off to my mostly sedentary job.

The ol' pedometer has not been counting too many steps of late and I'm feeling a bit lacklustre as a result. I also have been remiss in doing regular weight training of late. Only logged one upper body workout this week. And one session of doing sprints in the pool. This will never do.

This weekend I intend to draw up a plan for working out as somehow my exercising is not just spontaneously happening like I apparently deluded myself into thinking. Go figure!

Other unspontaneous happenings this week: we met with the man who is going to perform our wedding ceremony. Al, of Kettle Creek Weddings, is just a lovely warm soul, an ordained minister who performs weddings whenever, wherever, however couples want him to. JD and I were very happy that we clicked, as we couldn't imagine getting married by someone we didn't have a connection with.

During our discussion JD mentioned that he has his vows just about written. Eeek! Writing own vows? Are we doing that? And already? Guess this means I have some writin' to do as well!!! I should've suspected he would want to do this though, as he is very creative and was our class valedictorian in high school.

JD said something very sweet when telling Al the story of how we reconnected, after all those years. He said when he heard from a mutual acquaintance that "Mizz D said to say hi", he felt like "a fog had been lifted." I'll have to dig deep to come up with something better than that.

Game on!

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  1. So good to hear all this positive stuff going on!

    OK, so the worlouts are lagging bit as the weather gets nicer..... hope that changes!!

    Meant to tell you I have been getting your blogs sent to my email, so I read them, but replying from there is not an option I can lacate....

    You KNOW I'm wishing you well with everything!