Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Time to Get Serious...

Feb 11th POD

About fitness and the wedding, that is.

Purchased a few cheap exercise DVDs to spur me on. Two for kicking my butt, and one for STRESS RELIEF! With a bonus talk by the Dalai Lama on could I pass that one up? Plus, did I mention it was cheap?

Feb 12 POD - Catching Olympic Fever - Go Canada!!!!!

Since paying attention to my eating and trying to ramp up the activity (thank you Pedometer!), I have been feeling so much better and I have lost 2 pounds to boot! My body really does want to heal itself, I just have to give it a chance.

I started off slowly, by just increasing the amount of time and intensity of walking Mizz Lucy. Now I am adding workouts in the pool (sprinting laps), elliptical trainer, and DVD workouts.

Feb 13th - Date with Jackie Warner for a 15 minute total body circuit training session. Oh my goddess....I have no core strength. Sad. But I certainly have progress to make in that area, and that will be rewarding to note of as I get stronger. No wonder I have been struggling so much with most belly dance moves!
Who knew you could get so much done in 15 minutes? I am impressed. And pleasantly sore 2 days later. Not crazy-Frankenstein-walk soreness, but just enough that you remember you worked your body good.
Wedding planning got kicked off into a higher gear this week. We met with (and booked) our photographer, the lovely Jillian. Who was a fountain of wedding advice, due to her experiences at weddings of all sorts. And we also met with Tracey, at the Village Hotel, who was/continues to be also most helpful! Things are starting to come together, that's for sure. And about time.
And, in talking things through with these two, we are slowly developing the picture of what we want our guests to experience. We've nixed the DJ/Dance idea in favour of live music and hope we can find someone to fit that bill. Guitar, piano...someone who sings too would be wonderful.
Otherwise we just may be recording hours of our favourite tunes and investing in an iPod and some speakers. We've also decided against a receiving line. The guest list is small enough that we won't have any problem mixing and mingling with everybody immediately afterwards and during the rest of the night. Wedding dress shopping starts tomorrow. Things are starting to come together, all right!

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