Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dinner and a Movie Night

Feb 15th POD - Menu from Princess Cafe
The Princess is an independent movie house (now with cafe!) in a City Near the Village. JD and I do love to go to the show, but aren't always quick enough. Hence the movies we want to see sometimes have cleared out of the mainstream theatres by the time we're able to go. This is what happened with Up in the Air.
After a quick search on the Net, we found it is was still "around", playing at the Princess. We decided it would be fun to ask good friends of ours (plus we had an ulterior motive - mwahahaha!) and they said yes to Dinner and a Movie at the Princess.
Mizzus J also said yes to my ulterior motive: asking her to stand up with me at my wedding! She has been a very close and "stand-up" friend of mine for over 25 years now. Been through all my trials (lots) and triumphs (few) with me, always had my back. Our kids grew up together and our sons are still close friends. It is only fitting she stand up with me yet again on this special day.

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