Monday, November 30, 2009

David Allen - my new guru?

On page 48 of Getting Things Done, so far...

Great little pull quote there:

"You have more to do than you can possibly do. You just need to feel good about your choices."

You mean I not an abysmal failure for not being able to do it all? David...darling...where have you been all my life?

Can't wait to start feeling good about my choices rather than stressed about the people/things/tasks/stuff I am letting fall thru the cracks, by the wayside, off the wagon, into the ditch - pick your fave.

And let's not forget the stuff I forget. I want to feel good about that too. Uh, when I remember that I've forgotten, that is.

This mental foggery that I keep experiencing is gettin' old, along with yours truly. Somedays I am tempted to call the doc to see what can be done. But I am not sure right now if I am even in peri/full-blown mentalpause.

Remember the hot flashes I blogged about a month or so ago? Haven't had one since that time. So what the blue blazes was that all about, anyways?

Hey Body! Quit messing with my head. I mean it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too tired to post but will anyway...

And hopefully I won't regret this later.

Spent Fri/Sat/Sun a.m. in the big city with my female kidlet and someone I've been close friends with since grade 2 (we were besties in High School). For those of you who do math, that's about 40 some-odd years of friendship.

(Being the introvert I am, I don't have a lot of friends but those I have, I KEEP. So be warned, if I ever do call you a close friend, it's a life sentence.)

We shopped, we ate, we walked and walked and walked and walked. 15K on Saturday alone. I shudder to think of the kilometers we logged at the One of a Kind Show on Friday. I don't have the stats 'cos CJ wasn't wearing her pedometer then. Too bad. We saw a movie, The Blind Side. CJ and I let the Jemster pick it out. Good call. We all enjoyed it, even if it was formulaic. Then went back to CJ's condo after supper and continued the Sandra Bullock film festival (after decompressing in the hot tub) by watching The Proposal. Damn, that woman looks good! Sandra Bullock's trainer: CALL ME, OK?

I bought another book on Time Management (er...Action Management), Getting Things Done. Now to find time to read it. And apply it. So I don't spend any more glorious weekends like this wondering if I made a mistake by not cancelling and getting caught up at the office instead. I may have made a mistake but I won't regret it. Nope, not ever.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return of the Prodigal Blogger

OK. So here I am, finally back on the blog.

Dear Blog,

I thought of you daily. Well, not daily, but at least every other day. Usually with a twinge of guilt.
Well, not a twinge, but actually a big whallop of guilt. This is sad.

To feel guilt about neglecting my own creation. After all, who do I report to on this? Ummm....Me. And as Me, I should cut Myself some slack for getting busy and stressed with work and other life committments. It happens.

However, as Me, I would like to remind Myself that when I get busy, I tend to forget my personal goals. They are the first to drop by the wayside. All. The. Time. Me says this is no way to treat Myself. Myself agrees.

Me would also like to add that writing on the blog is very good for Myself. Myself concurs. Me adds that Myself needs her writing practice much more than Myself knows. This is good for emotional and creative health, as well as for reinforcement and focus on Myself's goals.

So dear Blog, all 3 of us would like to apologize deeply for being away for so long. We are going to do better from now on.


Me, Myself and I